Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas in MONTANA

A little bit of everything happened during our Christmas Break in Montana.

1st and foremost the TRADITION...Donna likes to sign us up for their stake nativity every year we come up for Christmas, this year I was a Shephard along with Amber. Em and Don were Mary and Joseph. Aaron, Dustin and Linus(their German foreign exchange student) were the Wisemen.

Us in action, not to mention, it was nine degrees!!! Montana gets pretty cold in the winter.

SURPRISE!!!While we were up there Dustin had his Quart of Honor. Aaron earned his but had not recieved it because it was right before his move to Texas, so it was a great surprise when Dan called Aaron to come up on stage to recieve his EAGLE.

Dan, Dust, Aaron and Donna

Em and Dust making Snow Angels

Donny just taking the sled for a ride

Dust flipping

Em and Don doubling up

Dust posing as he goes down the hill

Me and Aaron

Amber and I

Em, Katie, and Amber. It started to get a little cold.


Em, Amber and Linus rockin out. Me and Aaron were playing Ping Pong in the background

Opening my Magic Bullet. I have wanted one of these
for so long and Aaron totally surprised me.
The boys and the very cool sweat shirts.

What a Christmas trip! We had so much fun, we just love being able to go up and spend time with Aarons family. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Does any of of you out there want the best cat in the world?
She is so cute, her name is Nollie, she already has had her shots,
she is neutered, she is an inside/outside cat, she is super cuddly and loving
We got her when she was born, she is now 1 year and 5 months.
We have to get ride of her because the place we live does not allow cats.
So if there is anyone that would want her please let me know!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Whitnie Alexander

Whitnie and Nick Alexander

A few weeks ago my baby sister was married in
the Salt Lake Temple.
It was an amazing wedding.

Whit looked so beautiful and Nick so handsome.

We love you guys so much and wish you the very best

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweater Party

Our good friends Puck and Jess always throw the funnest Christmas Sweater Party.
We all get together, find the ugliest sweaters possible, eat,play games, exchange gifts, the boys have a very BIG PING-PONG Tournament, and last..we vote the best sweaters there and they get a little prize.

Me and Aaron lookin so good...Sort of went for the 80's look

So there was a tie between Mark and Jared for
best sweater so of course we had to have a
dance off...
Jared shakin his thang

Mark shakin his.

It was so funny to watch but Jared ended up takin the cake!!!

The girls and their beautiful sweaters

Me, Aaron, Heather and Jared lookin so fine

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag... I'm it!!

One of my very best friends since I was a little girl finally got a blog and was tagged and then tagged me.... So Tag I am IT and here's what I have to say....

8 Shows I love to watch
1- Grays Anatomy
2- The Office
3- Friends
4- ELLEN ( love her)
5- Desperate Housewives
6- 90210
7- Privledged
8- Seinfeld

8 Places I love to Eat
1-Mama Chus
2- Outback
3-Macaroni Grill
4- Cafe Rio
5- Kneaders
6- Bajio
7- Pizza Factory (only for lunch though)
8- PF Changs

8 things that happened yesterday
1- Taught 32 students
2- Went to lunch with my mom
3-Made Spaghetti for Dinner
4- Babysat my brothers kids
5- Watched Grays Anatomy
6- Hung out with my husband
7-Went to Maceys and did some grocery shopping
8-Celebrated my sister and sister in laws birthdays

8 Things that I am looking forward to
1- Whitnie's Wedding
2- SNOW (only in the mountains though)
3- My 4th wedding Anniversary
4- Christmas
5- Thanksgiving
6- Having Babies
7- Max and Annika
8- Skiing

8 Things I love about Fall
1- The leaves turning colors
2-Halloween and all the fun movies
3-Getting ready for Snow
4- Fall decorations
5- Staying in, snuggling and drinking hot cocoa
6- Getting ready for Christmas
7-The drives up the canyons
8- Dirtbiking

8 Things on my wish list
1- A baby
3-All of my 32 students on a Fourth grade level
4- To be on Santa's good list
5- To go on an exotic trip sometime soon
6- Backpack around Europe before I am to old (so in the next 50 yrs)
7- Swim with Dolphins in the Bahamas
8- Everyone to have a great Christmas

8 People that I want to Tag
1-Ryan Hill
2-Amber Bingham
3-Jess Heriford
4-Heather Benson
5- Holly Deaver
6- Lindsay Clyde
7- Liz Gillespie
8-Natalie Jones

Monday, November 3, 2008



The three hottest girls ever.....Punk Rock Girl (Jasmine), JUNO (Jess) and the Green Fairy (ME)

We had so much fun on Halloween, we went to Jasmine's Party
up in Cedar Hills and had a blast.
Aaron went as a motor cycle dude(check the freaking cool tattoo)
all his idea, he is so funny.

The cutest class ever, Mrs. Binghams 4th grade
We had so much fun on Halloween
Look how cute they all are!!!
Love them

My Little Sister Is Getting Married!!!

My sister in law Mandy and I threw a bridal shower for my baby sister.It turned out so good thanks to Mandy and her amazing designer skills.

This is her very cute invitation

These are her adorable decorations that we made. Thank you Martha Stewart..

Me, Whit ( the bride to be), and Mandy.

This was our table set-up, nice huh?

Just kidding, this picture is our inspiration. I forgot to take a picture of it and I was so mad so I thought that I would post this to show you what it sort of looked like.

Me, Grandma Hill and Whit.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yeah for Holidays

I love being a teacher, it is so great, especially when it comes to holidays, we get all holidays off and it is great.

During our Fall Break my family was going to California because it is one of our favorite places. Aaron had to go on a buisness trip so I decided to tag along with my family.

We went to Knotts Berry Farm and it was so fun because it was close to Halloween that the park was just decked out in fun stuff, we ran into these guys walking around and they were so attractive that we had to take a picture with them.

Me and Mandy going on the coolest ride ever...."The Accelerator"

That night the park closed at 5:30 and reopened at 7:00 for what they call "THE HAUNT" and it was so scary. I have never been so scared in my life. The park was super dark and they hire a ton of people just to go around the park and scare people to death. Well right when we walked in this guy scared me so bad and muct have loved it that he follwed me around the entire night. I did not like that very much.
The also have a ton of haunted house which are crazy and scary and I guess the people are allowed to touch you because they would not leave me alone....
We also went to Disneyland which was also so much fun because the park was also decorated so awesome, I loved it. It was not even spooky just fun.
I sure LOVE Disneyland

This is right behind Pirates of the Caribean and it
is tradition to take a picture there every time we go.

I love this picutre Ellie and McKay were not to sure
of Buzz light year so Ry had to get in there with them.
It was so fun having them there. I can't wait till we have
kids to take them there.

And of course the best picture of all, right smack dab in the front. I love how they do the flowers of Mickey it is so cool..

We really missed Aaron though, this is the second trip he has had to miss because he has a REAL job now. Yeah for Aaron

Monday, October 13, 2008

Domestication in Progress

The most Beautiful Chicken Pot Pie ever
Okay so I was so excited to make this Chicken Pot Pie tonight, I know I am the biggest dork for posting this but look how beautiful it is!!! I have been planning this meal for quite some time but just have been so busy and never get around to making it, so here it is....Yeah!
P.S-Not only is it so pretty but it tasted so yummy

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nothin but the BEST place on Earth

For the week my family went to Lake Powell and we had so much fun.
We did miss the spouses though...

The first day, the men getting to work so that we could park the house boat
Ry, Trev, Dad and Cousin Chris

It was such an adventure, we did everything from

Posing for Pictures (America's Next top Model here I come)...ha ha ha

To getting up super early to be the first ones on the lake.

Mom even gave surfing a try...

Me Wakeboarding, the greatest thing ever.

Dad Air chairing, the funniest thing ever.
I think this might have been the funnest thing there

Ryan, Waterskiing

Jax's the stud showing us all how surfing is really done.

Camp Fires, so so much fun!!!

Trev Wake Boarding

Ry and Whit surfing, freaking awesoe

Just another picture on the beautiful lake

Me, Whit, Ryan and Trevor Wave Running

Dad and Jax