Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Does any of of you out there want the best cat in the world?
She is so cute, her name is Nollie, she already has had her shots,
she is neutered, she is an inside/outside cat, she is super cuddly and loving
We got her when she was born, she is now 1 year and 5 months.
We have to get ride of her because the place we live does not allow cats.
So if there is anyone that would want her please let me know!!!


Built Ford Tough said...

Oh no what are you going to do without your kitty kitty??? I'm sorry you have to get rid of her. PS how are you doing?

mom said...

Dear Mckensie,
I'm so sorry you have to let Nollie go. She is such an amazing cat, and so well tempered. If dad wasn't alergic we would love to help you out. I know this is so hard for you to do. Sorry!!!
Love, Mom and good luck

mom said...

By the way, you look so radiant!!!

Mandy said...

Good luck, but don't count me in. Sorry!!

Jana said...

:( If only I lived a few hundred miles closer!!! Actually, I don't need another cat, one is enough. It's probably a good thing though because you shouldn't be around cats (especially if they go outside) while with child, but you probably already know about it. I'm sorry bout that, maybe someone could just keep her on loan?

Holly said...

I am so sad that I missed you at church. We were in Midway with Tommy's family. Please tell me you are coming this Sunday! PS Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of school for 2 WEEKS! YEAH!