Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag... I'm it!!

One of my very best friends since I was a little girl finally got a blog and was tagged and then tagged me.... So Tag I am IT and here's what I have to say....

8 Shows I love to watch
1- Grays Anatomy
2- The Office
3- Friends
4- ELLEN ( love her)
5- Desperate Housewives
6- 90210
7- Privledged
8- Seinfeld

8 Places I love to Eat
1-Mama Chus
2- Outback
3-Macaroni Grill
4- Cafe Rio
5- Kneaders
6- Bajio
7- Pizza Factory (only for lunch though)
8- PF Changs

8 things that happened yesterday
1- Taught 32 students
2- Went to lunch with my mom
3-Made Spaghetti for Dinner
4- Babysat my brothers kids
5- Watched Grays Anatomy
6- Hung out with my husband
7-Went to Maceys and did some grocery shopping
8-Celebrated my sister and sister in laws birthdays

8 Things that I am looking forward to
1- Whitnie's Wedding
2- SNOW (only in the mountains though)
3- My 4th wedding Anniversary
4- Christmas
5- Thanksgiving
6- Having Babies
7- Max and Annika
8- Skiing

8 Things I love about Fall
1- The leaves turning colors
2-Halloween and all the fun movies
3-Getting ready for Snow
4- Fall decorations
5- Staying in, snuggling and drinking hot cocoa
6- Getting ready for Christmas
7-The drives up the canyons
8- Dirtbiking

8 Things on my wish list
1- A baby
3-All of my 32 students on a Fourth grade level
4- To be on Santa's good list
5- To go on an exotic trip sometime soon
6- Backpack around Europe before I am to old (so in the next 50 yrs)
7- Swim with Dolphins in the Bahamas
8- Everyone to have a great Christmas

8 People that I want to Tag
1-Ryan Hill
2-Amber Bingham
3-Jess Heriford
4-Heather Benson
5- Holly Deaver
6- Lindsay Clyde
7- Liz Gillespie
8-Natalie Jones

Monday, November 3, 2008



The three hottest girls ever.....Punk Rock Girl (Jasmine), JUNO (Jess) and the Green Fairy (ME)

We had so much fun on Halloween, we went to Jasmine's Party
up in Cedar Hills and had a blast.
Aaron went as a motor cycle dude(check the freaking cool tattoo)
all his idea, he is so funny.

The cutest class ever, Mrs. Binghams 4th grade
We had so much fun on Halloween
Look how cute they all are!!!
Love them

My Little Sister Is Getting Married!!!

My sister in law Mandy and I threw a bridal shower for my baby sister.It turned out so good thanks to Mandy and her amazing designer skills.

This is her very cute invitation

These are her adorable decorations that we made. Thank you Martha Stewart..

Me, Whit ( the bride to be), and Mandy.

This was our table set-up, nice huh?

Just kidding, this picture is our inspiration. I forgot to take a picture of it and I was so mad so I thought that I would post this to show you what it sort of looked like.

Me, Grandma Hill and Whit.