Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tag... I'm it!!

One of my very best friends since I was a little girl finally got a blog and was tagged and then tagged me.... So Tag I am IT and here's what I have to say....

8 Shows I love to watch
1- Grays Anatomy
2- The Office
3- Friends
4- ELLEN ( love her)
5- Desperate Housewives
6- 90210
7- Privledged
8- Seinfeld

8 Places I love to Eat
1-Mama Chus
2- Outback
3-Macaroni Grill
4- Cafe Rio
5- Kneaders
6- Bajio
7- Pizza Factory (only for lunch though)
8- PF Changs

8 things that happened yesterday
1- Taught 32 students
2- Went to lunch with my mom
3-Made Spaghetti for Dinner
4- Babysat my brothers kids
5- Watched Grays Anatomy
6- Hung out with my husband
7-Went to Maceys and did some grocery shopping
8-Celebrated my sister and sister in laws birthdays

8 Things that I am looking forward to
1- Whitnie's Wedding
2- SNOW (only in the mountains though)
3- My 4th wedding Anniversary
4- Christmas
5- Thanksgiving
6- Having Babies
7- Max and Annika
8- Skiing

8 Things I love about Fall
1- The leaves turning colors
2-Halloween and all the fun movies
3-Getting ready for Snow
4- Fall decorations
5- Staying in, snuggling and drinking hot cocoa
6- Getting ready for Christmas
7-The drives up the canyons
8- Dirtbiking

8 Things on my wish list
1- A baby
3-All of my 32 students on a Fourth grade level
4- To be on Santa's good list
5- To go on an exotic trip sometime soon
6- Backpack around Europe before I am to old (so in the next 50 yrs)
7- Swim with Dolphins in the Bahamas
8- Everyone to have a great Christmas

8 People that I want to Tag
1-Ryan Hill
2-Amber Bingham
3-Jess Heriford
4-Heather Benson
5- Holly Deaver
6- Lindsay Clyde
7- Liz Gillespie
8-Natalie Jones


Holly said...

Cute tag. I have been looking for something to update my blog and now I am going to do it. Check it out!

The Heriford's said...

Thanks Kensie!!!!!

Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

I have a confession, I also watch 90210 and love it but I get made fun of for watching a show about high school so I am glad that now I can say you watch it to! How is that baby thing coming anyways because I can't wait for you to have a baby either! It was fun to read what you are up to! I miss you, Love Ya!

mom said...

Wow, I loved that "Baby" was at the top of your list & I really felt that you were really pregnant. Sorry I called so late but I really felt it strong. I can't wait until you are. Love you mom

Brent and Tiff said...

Love the blog, love the music, not loving that we are not on the 'people we love' list. Forgive and forget I always say!! It was so good to see you yesterday (and today too!!) Let's play more... always missing my little "Trick K.' Love you baby girl!!

andrea garber said...

hey girl...I found you!!! How do you know the Larsens??? They are in my ward. Well they used to be before they moved. I miss you sooo much! We really need to get together soon.

Lindsay said...

mckensie I feel so bad. I didn't realize it was you at CPK until I walked out the door. I am blind without my glasses and I would have talked to you longer. I love your blog

Lisa H said...

Hey Kensie I think I have your wrong e-mail address so if you e-mail me at with your e-mail address I can send you an invite to view my blog. Talk to you later girl.

Kait said...

Hey Kens! There is an award for you on my blog, you can check it out if ya want. Hope you are doing well!!

andrea garber said...

I miss you!! We really should plan to hang out sometime soon. I actually know Kara too. She lived in our neighborhood for a little bit when they moved back from Hawaii. She is awesome. We should all go to lunch one day! Let me know when you are free over Christmas break and I will plan it.

andrea garber said...

ps. how do you know the Larsens? They used to be in our ward before they moved.