Wednesday, July 28, 2010

28 and counting...

Happy 28th Birthday Big Boy!!!
While we were up at Snowbird we celebrated Aarons 28th Birthday!!!
Before he left for work I made him some yummy, nutritious pancakes.
Mayc and I picked out a cute shirt for A and he decided to pick up some sweet sunglasses on the way home.
Dad and Mom givin him some 'dolla dolla bills yall!'
Just the gang hangin out
Make a wish.
For dinner we went to Outback Steak house.....mmmm delicious. So yummy but no name on a plate with dessert???

So cute, Mayc lovin Uncle Nic's glasses.

Happy Birthday Babe, I love you so much hope your 28 year of life is amazing!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday to ME!!!

Happy 26th Birthday

For my birthday Aaron took me to Cheesecake Factory, the yummiest place ever!
I would have probably gone there just to see my name on the plate though..
Went to the parade and meet up with all of my family.
This is Mayc with Great Grandma Hill.
Look at her cute Tutu, I wish I got a better picture of it though, I was so proud of myself for making it.

Thank goodness Ryan went and camped out that night and got a good place in the shade, it was so hot out there that day!!! Gotta LOVE the summer. ( I know I sure do)
Birthday Party at the house. Thanks to Whit for making my cute yummy fruit pizza birthday cake. It was soooo delicious, you just might be the Next Food Network Star..hahaha.
Thanks everyone who came and celebrated with me it was so much fun.
PS- Thanks for the watch mom... I absolutely LOVE it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Beautiful Baby

Our little love had her 1 year old photos taken the other day and these are just a few that our amazing photographer sent to me as a sneek peek.

It was so much fun watching Mayc as she got her pictures taken, she loves the camera, as you can see.
Thank you Quinci, you did an amazing job.