Saturday, October 10, 2009

4 months on Friday!

Time goes way to fast!

I can not believe that Maycie is already turning 4 months old. It is so crazy to me, it seems like yesterday I was still pregnant and teaching. I have to admit I seriously miss teaching but being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding job in the WORLD!

Maycie looked so cute the other day that we had our own little photo shoot.

Look at those little skinny legs, I could just eat them up.

You might think it can't get any cuter than this but you would be wrong.

Isn't she the cutest baby you have ever seen!! I just can not get enough of her and her cute little self. About a month ago she started to smile and goo and now we can't get her to stop.(Not like we would want her to). She also has started to roll over onto her back from her tummy yea!!! It is just so fun to watch and see her grow everyday.
We love you so much little Maycie!