Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Remodeling Time
Of course like any other time of year my parent decided to start a new project!
Not a big surprise..
So for this project they decided that they wanted to remodel their bedroom and start brand new!
TO do this we needed to break down a few walls one of which was my fathers office, so before we started throwing the hammers my little brother ran and got some permanent markers and started drawing. It looked so fun that we all decided to draw a little piece of art..... This is what turned out.

Jax and his great drawings. Sweet Volcom sign dude!

"Whizzilicious definition makes the boys go loco"
She is so funny and really into the peace sign.
She actually wants a tatoo of the sign. ? Crazy girl

Dad, Jax, Mom, Me and Whit against the great wall of Art.

The school teacher and her class under a great Big tree and Sun with a beautiful flower to the side. I love flowers.. maybe that will be my tatoo.....(lol)

Yikes... I could not get the picture to rotate, I tried for like an hour and I just couldn't figure it out, sorry hun! Juts turn your head and look at it from the other way.
Aaron and his wonderful drawing of himself on a dirtbike going up the mountain, he is actually a really good artist, I'm sorry you can't see it better!

After art time it was all work and getting totally filthy.
As soon as the remodeling is finished I'll post on all the hard work we did and show you how great it turned out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Break

Warm Weather here we come!!
So I dont know what it is but this winter has just gotten to me, I hate the cold weather and this winter has just seemed EXTRA long and Extra Cold.
So for Spring Break Aaron and I headed down to St. George.
We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's place and then Whit came down and surprised Nick a few days later.

We headed down Wednesday after Aaron's second
to last Final.
It was so fun because we got to spend just some
alone time just hanging out together. It seems with
teaching and Aaron in school we never have anytime
to just hang out.
Then on Friday Puck and Jess headed down and we
were able to meet up with our friends Morgan
and Leslie for Dinner.
Saturday we planned the funnest day ever.
First we met Morgan, Puck and Jess at the college
for a little Tennis Time.
Leslie is pregnant and she was a little sick so she
couldn't come.
Check out the tennis rackets..These guys?

Me and Jess just got done playing a tough game and were a little tired
so we took a little Half Time.

After getting done with Tennis we headed up to Mo's place
for a little cool off at his pool. It was a little windy today
but still felt so much better than snow in Provo.

Morgan then took off to Provo for work so boys went golfing and girls went shopping.
Then met up for a little dinner at Texas Road House.
It was the greatest place, and really yummy food.
You get to eat peanuts and then just throw them
anywhere you want on the floor

And this is Whit with our crazy server, truly he was nuts!!

We had so much fun.. Me and Aaron decided that we want to move down there because it is just the greatest place. Always warm, never cold and only three hours away from Provo. You couldn't ask for anything better.
It might be a little bit of a commute for me with teaching but thats okay!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

Okay, so this was seriously one of the best weeks of school in my life!
The parents of my students in class get together and plan nice things to do for me all week.
It's called Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday we got breakfast. then the rest of the week I had moms bring me lunch everyday, Bajio, Kneaders, Calazones and Subway.
And Tuesday I came to school and this is what my door looked like...
In all of those little hats it has pictures of my students I just loved it.

Then the funniest thing happened.. On Friday I went to pick my kids up outside and on the way in one of my students had this BIG basket just full of stuff in it, Diet Coke, Candy, Tissues, Pencils,Markers etc. seriously everything.
He runs into my class and he yells, "Mrs. Bingham, the Easter Bunny came late this year."
Then another kid yells, "Brenan you were not supposed to give it to her yet!"
Then out of no where all of my students just kept bringing all of these candies, diet coke's, gift certificates, picture frames, cards and so much more to my desk. That is what you see below.

Monday I had more Diet Coke and Reese's peanut butter cups on my desk.
And the best gift of all was that red book. My room mom made it for me, she took pictures of my students and had them write notes to me and then put it all together in that book, so cute.
Definitely a keepsake.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Movie Night

Aarons mom came into town last week with his little brother for their Spring Break. Aaron really loved The movie Dan in Real life and wanted to show it to his mom. SO the last night we were here we watched one of the greatest movies.... (sorry a little fuzzy)

I'm not sure that Donna (Aarons mom really liked it to much). Bummer

Mom, Em(aaorns little sis.), Donny (Em's husband), Dust (little bro), Michael(Dust's friend)

We went over to Aarons little sister's in law's to watch it and had the yummiest dinner. "Veggie Tacos" mmm delicious. Em's( aarons little sister) mother in law made them for us.

This is Valiene (Donny's mom), amber(Aarons other little sis) and Me.

We had so much fun we just wished they(his family) lived closer to us and not in Montana!!