Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Break

Warm Weather here we come!!
So I dont know what it is but this winter has just gotten to me, I hate the cold weather and this winter has just seemed EXTRA long and Extra Cold.
So for Spring Break Aaron and I headed down to St. George.
We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's place and then Whit came down and surprised Nick a few days later.

We headed down Wednesday after Aaron's second
to last Final.
It was so fun because we got to spend just some
alone time just hanging out together. It seems with
teaching and Aaron in school we never have anytime
to just hang out.
Then on Friday Puck and Jess headed down and we
were able to meet up with our friends Morgan
and Leslie for Dinner.
Saturday we planned the funnest day ever.
First we met Morgan, Puck and Jess at the college
for a little Tennis Time.
Leslie is pregnant and she was a little sick so she
couldn't come.
Check out the tennis rackets..These guys?

Me and Jess just got done playing a tough game and were a little tired
so we took a little Half Time.

After getting done with Tennis we headed up to Mo's place
for a little cool off at his pool. It was a little windy today
but still felt so much better than snow in Provo.

Morgan then took off to Provo for work so boys went golfing and girls went shopping.
Then met up for a little dinner at Texas Road House.
It was the greatest place, and really yummy food.
You get to eat peanuts and then just throw them
anywhere you want on the floor

And this is Whit with our crazy server, truly he was nuts!!

We had so much fun.. Me and Aaron decided that we want to move down there because it is just the greatest place. Always warm, never cold and only three hours away from Provo. You couldn't ask for anything better.
It might be a little bit of a commute for me with teaching but thats okay!!


Holly said...

Hooray for an update! I'm glad your trip went well, but how do you make the trip in 3 hours?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and Aaron got some time away with all that's been going on. It makes life bearable. It was good for Whitnie to have a break too with all her finals and getting ready to head to Spain. Just wish dad and I could have joined you it looked like you all had an awesome time. (I'm so glad you made it home safely)

Valerie said...

Hi guys, I'm glad you had fun on your spring break. I bet you're getting excited for graduation. We have a day off school tomorrow it is going to be around 90. Hopefully we can talk Glenn into taking the boat out!
Love Ya ")

Sarah Larsen said...

Hey..This is Sarah Larsen (PTA and ex-kickboxer) I was blog surfing and found you on Liz and Travis's. You are seriously so dang cute!! Good jeans run in your family!! How are you? And how is the gym?

Sarah Larsen said...

p.s.I meant genes!! lol I am a dork..

Jared and Heather Benson said...

I wish that we had all gotten together, what happened to hiking? I'm glad that you guys had so much fun.