Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was so good... I just absolutely LOVE easter it is one of the greatest holidays. Saturday me and Aaron worked in the yard for 5 hours with the fam, which was really the highlight of our day...just kidding. Around 2:00Ryan came over with his cute family

Mckay, Ellie, Me and Clara just waiting for the boys to get home from there motorcycle ride so that the Easter eggg hunt could begin

Yeah!!! They finally got home and we were able to start.

During the Egg hunt Grandpa and Grandma Hill came over to have a little fun. Mom, Dad, and G and g hill hide 100 rolo candies all over the yard and the competition was between me and Aaron and Ryan and Mandy. So we were searching High and Low because for each rolo we found we could cash it in for a Gold Coin. We had such a good time we came out pretty even though Mandy found like 10 before I even found 1. We had so much fun..

McKay and Ellie with the Eater baskets. They
were so excited I could hardly get them to hold still
just to take a picture.

Clara kissing her new easter bear that Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Sherrie gave her.

It was so cute, anytime Grandpa would kiss her
she wanted to kiss the bear. I just love her, its
sort of making me baby hungry.

Grandma Sherrie helping Ellie find one of her last Eggs.

So all in all we had a really great holiday. We were so glad that Ryan and Mandy could be back at home sweet home to share it with us. We really missed Trevor and his family though.
Thanks mom and dad for such a great day!


So this week has been nothing but STRESSFUL.. it's been crazy. It was time for my fourth graders to perform the BIG UTAH program we have been working on all year! I was put in charge of teaching my class a Spanish Dance, that was the most stressful thing but it went so good. I wish I was a dance teacher, that would be so much fun... well its never to late.

This was all four fourth grade classes and I would like you to look above on the curtains... Yup, got in charge of that too. below, is my cute class with me right in the middle, aren't they so.. cute, I love them.

This is another picture that I took
and it was sort of blurry...figures.

This is another picture, but the only little guy that was looking
was Brenan, he transfered in during the middle of the year. When
they came to meet with me, me and his mom just started laughing
because she is my second cousin and had no idea that I worked there.

So it turns out that the night went fabulous, my little
kids danced and sang their hearts out.
That night I walked away a very proud teacher.

Friday, March 21, 2008


What is this?

So my computer has been broken for the past 2 weeks and I finally have gotten a loner one, you know the one that no body wants, until mine is fixed. So today I finally had a chance to get on my blog. After I looked at my blog I just realized I needed something new because I know.. pulling it up and seeing the same thing time after time after time gets a little boring..So I took some pictures of my class last night at our BIG UTAH 4th grade program which I will post later...
As I was looking at everyone else's blog this thing came up when I went to comment on something.. How annoying. I mean truly do we; just not trust people?.. I mean if this thing comes up before you post a comment Im not sure that it is going to scare off someone to leave a comment.
I dont mean to go off on a tangent I was just wondering where they came up with this???

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Presidents Day Weekend

Me and Aaron were able to go down to St. George for Presidents Day Weekend with my family and take our Dirt Bikes.
Aaron, me, Dad, Mom, Whit and Jax

While we were out riding, we found some really sweet jumps and this is my AMMMAzing little sister Whit. She is not afraid of anything its so fun to watch her.

Just taking a short snack brake. It was so nice, it got so warm that day, I think it actually got up to 60. It was the best thing ever, compared to Provo.

My awesome husband, he is also so brave I can't believe some of the things that he was doing. Jumped everything and anything in sight.

Another picture of Aaron.

And last but not least my 50 year old dad acting like a kid again. Can you believe this guy? Who does he think he is? Gotta love him

While we were out, we found some Dinosaur Tracks and Trails. I thought that I had to get a picture of this because I am teaching Dinosaurs and Fossils to my Fourth grade students.

Some of the Trace Fossils. It was so cool to see them.

One of the Cutest Nieces EVER

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!

Me and Whit just hanging out, isn't she so cute?

We looked for a BIG Kitty Cat to get Ellie, she is obsessed with Aaron and my kitty NOLLIE but we found this great big coloring Princess Board and a little stuffed kitty.

Me, Ellie and poor Aaron in his sling (he just had surgery)

McKay and Ellie just gawking at all her presents, poor McKay is a little jealous

Aaron, Ry, Mom, Haley and Ellie

We Love you Ellie