Monday, March 24, 2008


So this week has been nothing but STRESSFUL.. it's been crazy. It was time for my fourth graders to perform the BIG UTAH program we have been working on all year! I was put in charge of teaching my class a Spanish Dance, that was the most stressful thing but it went so good. I wish I was a dance teacher, that would be so much fun... well its never to late.

This was all four fourth grade classes and I would like you to look above on the curtains... Yup, got in charge of that too. below, is my cute class with me right in the middle, aren't they so.. cute, I love them.

This is another picture that I took
and it was sort of blurry...figures.

This is another picture, but the only little guy that was looking
was Brenan, he transfered in during the middle of the year. When
they came to meet with me, me and his mom just started laughing
because she is my second cousin and had no idea that I worked there.

So it turns out that the night went fabulous, my little
kids danced and sang their hearts out.
That night I walked away a very proud teacher.


Calliandra said...

CUTE! I used to help teach music stuff to the seventh graders at my school in junior high! The feeling of teaching is pretty cool! :}

Diana said...

Kensie, your kids are so cute! Can you believe that the year is almost over and big programs like your Utah program, that you've been working towards all year, are over?!?!? I can't believe it. Well, I'll see ya wednesday, I think. We have cohort right? Anyway, it looks like your program was awesome! Good work!

Mom said...

McKensie, your program was amazing, I was so impressed with all the hard work and effort that went into it. It was one of the most outstanding school programs I had seen. And you were so cute just strutting around making sure everything was going smoothly. Thanks for inviting us. Love Mom & Dad

Dad said...

It is so hard to believe that you are teaching school and that your first year is almost over and your still loving being a 4th grade teacher. I wish my teachers were as cute as you, maybe I would have paid more attention. Love Dad

Valerie said...

Wow! It looks like you are doing a
great job. I'm glad that you're loving teaching. Nice job on the Utah sign ")I t was was great to see you guys last week.

Jana said...

I love that you love being a teacher. Fourth grade made such an impact on me, and I know you are making a great impact on those kids! Great job on everything:)

Peter, Lisa and Tavia said...

How Fun! That is so awesome that you are teaching school. I am so excited for you. I bet your class is so much fun.