Friday, July 25, 2008


Before we left Aaron behind in the dust, mom and dad took us out for Birthday Dinner, mine July 4 and Aarons July 26, to my favorite place, TEPANYAKI

MMMMM MMMMM delicious

Just chillin before we leave.
So every summer since I was 5 my Grandma and Grandpa Hill would take the grandkids on a grandparent trip to any where we wanted, most of the time our choice would of course be Disney land, the greatest place on earth.

This year when I heard they were going I decided to tag along because I am not working right now and Aaron had to work all week. So here are a few pictures of our very fun trip!!!!
DAD, me and Whit on the greatest ride ever...

Just getting soaked on Splash Mountain.

Just in front of Disneyland with the whole crew.

What's a trip with out an accident? We were at California adventure and whit accidentally backed up into me and ripped off my Big Toenail...gross I know

California Adventure's Tower of Terror

Grandma's 2nd favorite ride the famous "Teacups" Her first one, "It's a small world" was closed because they are remodeling, she was not to happy about that.

Getting ready to go shopping

Knotts Berry Farm.. The sickest ride ever and by sick I mean literally sick, you get off and want to run to a bathroom, it flips you everywhere, Jax really wanted to go on it, so being the good sports me and whit joined in and have never felt the same since.

The Bullet, this is a new ride and was so much fun, we went on it so many times, Dad absolutlely loved it and could not get over how, "This ride is such a riot"...

And last but not least, the Famous "Disney's Electrical Light Parade" The greatest thing about Disney Land, it is so much fun to watch.
What a great way to end the trip.

Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me come, I had the best time ever!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

Yea, for the forth of JULY
So it happened, on the 4th I turned 24 years old...
Every year goes so fast, I can not believe it.
Me, A and Whit at the fun parade.

We had a barbeque at my parents house later on.
Me and my beautiful mother. With my delicious Key Lime Pie birthday cake

Me and A

Clara and I in the pool. She is so stinkin cute

Ry and Mandy lookin so good

Grandma and Grandpa with Clara

Slip'n' slide and Bowling.. what more could you ask for?

Mom Bingham was in town a few weeks ago and so we decided to have some fun.

Slip'n' Slide, Bowling, Hiking, Swimming, Lunch, Jump on It and last but not least Classic Skating..serioulsy I do not remember the last time I roller skated but it was so much fun.


The Three girls..

Just the clan.

MOM BINGHAM.. looking sensash

EM, Kimmy, and Roxy

ME and Aaron