Friday, November 16, 2007

Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday Ryan and Whitnie

Me and My cute little niece Ellie. I just love her, just look at her face!! To Die for.

Ellie and McKay and my little kitty Nollie. They really love
her but oh my gosh I have never seen any little kid torture
an animal like they do. Story....The other night I came home
and my door was open and same with the screen door. And
My little Nollie was missing!! Come to find out 2 hours later
we finally found her in the trampoline Hole. WHAT? That is
exactly what I thought. Well finally Mckay got home and
I knew they were playing with Nollie all day and I figured
McKay and Ellie had to have been apart of it. Well dont worry
Come to find out................Yup, McKay threw her in the hole
and left her there!! I was sort of upset but just more sad for
Nollie because she has not come out of my closet the last few days.

Me and the 30 year old Birthday Boy Ryan.
(Brother) Just love him to bits and pieces.

Just blowing out his candles before the house started on Fire.

Linds and Ellie with their Gorgeous white, chocolaty, sensational teeth.
Lindsay is my brothers wife Mandi's little sister.

PRESENTS-----Mandi, Ryan, McKay and Ellie

Again my cute niece and nephew, McKay and Ellie
They are crazy***Just look at their face. I told them
to smile and those are the faces they gave me?

All of the men in the family, except Aaron of course was at school, my dad, Ryan, Little Bro
Jackson and my wonderful Grandpa Hill. My dad is holding Ryan and Mandi's baby girl
Clara, she is so stinkin cute. I love her alot!

Whit, Ry and Me. Missed you Trev and Holly you
really just need to move back your
missing out on all the fun! LOVE YOU

Our Friend Puck and Jess

Our Friend Puck just got married a few days ago to the cutest girl named Jessica West. It was the most beautiful wedding. I am so sad I did not take more pictures..
Her dress was the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen. I am going to try to find more pictures and post them later. But I will post the Pictures that were taken.

Casey & Courtney- Me&Aaron- Heather&Jared- Becca&Andy

This is Case, Courtney, Heather Jared and MJ at the lunch in. I am seriously so sad that the pictures of Puck and Jess did not work here. It was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and was wonderful.

This is just another angle of us at the table.

It was a beautiful wedding and I will try to post some more pictures of the actual couple.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Night Of Fun

I am trying really hard to update my blog at least once a week and the other day we went to the B.Y.U game with our friends Jared and Heather Benson, but of course, like always I forgot my camera so I took some in the night time.
We went to Costa Azul which was delicious as always.

Jared and Heather.

We had a really fun night, just went to dinner and then watched "Fracture" which we rented from Cougar rental and for those of you who have not seen I suggest it. It was a really, really great movie.

Sorry this blog was sort of boring but you know what.. I try my best.