Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Friend Puck and Jess

Our Friend Puck just got married a few days ago to the cutest girl named Jessica West. It was the most beautiful wedding. I am so sad I did not take more pictures..
Her dress was the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen. I am going to try to find more pictures and post them later. But I will post the Pictures that were taken.

Casey & Courtney- Me&Aaron- Heather&Jared- Becca&Andy

This is Case, Courtney, Heather Jared and MJ at the lunch in. I am seriously so sad that the pictures of Puck and Jess did not work here. It was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and was wonderful.

This is just another angle of us at the table.

It was a beautiful wedding and I will try to post some more pictures of the actual couple.


Mom said...

How fun to have a good excuse to get everyone together. Isn't it neat to have such great friends. Congrat's Puck and Jessica. We wish you all the Best.

Calliandra said...

ahh marriage. The thought of it makes me giddy at times, but for the most part I'm too busy thinking about here and now in my little teenage world!

Built Ford Tough said...

I'm so sad we were in Hawaii and couldn't be there. You've got to get some pictures of Puck and the wife now. I loved the pictures you posted though. You're so hot! Can't wait to get home and play :) It seems like its a long ways away, but hopefullly April will come soon. Peace out