Monday, November 5, 2007

Night Of Fun

I am trying really hard to update my blog at least once a week and the other day we went to the B.Y.U game with our friends Jared and Heather Benson, but of course, like always I forgot my camera so I took some in the night time.
We went to Costa Azul which was delicious as always.

Jared and Heather.

We had a really fun night, just went to dinner and then watched "Fracture" which we rented from Cougar rental and for those of you who have not seen I suggest it. It was a really, really great movie.

Sorry this blog was sort of boring but you know what.. I try my best.


Calliandra said...

That's way cute...please check out the sweet video i posted on my blog!!!!

Built Ford Tough said...

You are awesome! Good job for updating your blog. Tell Heather and Jared hello from us. That's fun you guys hung out. Miss you guys! Can't wait to be back in April

Lindsey Lee said...

Not boring at all Kenz, not boring at all. I like to see what you and Aaron are up to! Looks like a good ol time!!

CHUNTZ said...

kenzie i have a blog now can we be friends? ha ha ha

Bridget said...

Hey Kens! Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Tell Em hi for me if you see her around. You know, since you guys live so far apart and all! :)

love Bid

Valerie said...

Hi guys,
We bought our Brighton tickets a few weeks ago so we are definitely
coming,just not sure when yet.It will probably be after Calli's Bday on Dec. 31st. Bridget helped me out with my blog background, I think it was a bit of a chore but she is getting better at it,(lots of practice :)Hope you're doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!

H,T,M,&A said...

Ahhh, to live near Cafe Rio and Costa Azul . . . Say hi to Jared from me.

Jana said...

So NOT to see your smiling face:)