Saturday, October 27, 2007

Family Weekend

As you can see, We just couldnt get enough of our dirtbiking action last week so we decided to go again and take the whole family.
Me, Whit, Jax, Mom and DAD

This is me and aaron just doing our thang.. You know how it is. On Wednesday I was just running out the door for the best thing in the World -- Kickboxing--(besides Aaron). Aaron had just pulled up with a big green something in his truck... Yup a new dirt Bike.. and Yup it was a surprise to me. Oh well whatever makes him happy right? Just kidding but we are so excited for him and his Big Green Lean machine.
Missed the rest of the family like Ryan and Trev. We love you!!


This is us at Daniel Summit just eating some yummy lunch. We rode up from Wallsburg to Daniel Summitt. It was quite scary because it just snowed last weekend and there was snow all over the trails that turned into ice. We slipped and fell a few times (really scaring mom) but we were fine in the end.

Whit, Jackson and Mom. Lookin SENSASH ow ow!!


Calliandra said...

That is so tight that your whole family dirtbikes together! I love you kens!

Mom & Dad said...

Let the good times roll!!! That was such a great time even though the snow & ice scared me half to death it was all great. love mom
I love my Evil Knevil Family!! What a fantastic outing. love dad

Jackson said...

That was the greatest day ever and I'm so glad everyone was there, but we missed Ryan and Trevor.

Calliandra said...

You're seriously the greatest kens!!! Your little comments of encouragement on my blog make me so happy! I wish you were here to see the show! I miss you and hope to see you sometime soon!

Ash said...

Oh I am so jealous. This is what I grew up doing in my family and its also what I hope MY little family will be able to grow up doing. So fun.

Bridget said...

Hey Kens! Hope you guy's are doing great. We miss you guy's! I want to plan a trip for us all to go on so bad! Hope you are enjoying your teaching. Love you!


Jana said...

I have to admit that I am such a wusie wimp, it's probably cuz of the fact that I knocked my teeth out four times as a child...I'm scarred! Enjoy the good times:)

Calliandra said...

hey anytime you wanna fly me in to utah you are more than welcome!!! :)