Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas in Montana

I know that this post is way to late, seeing that we are now in January but I really needed to post something and so here it is....MERRY CHRISTMAS

We spent Christmas in Montana this year with Aarons family and had so much fun. The day before we left I got my Wisdom Teeth so most of the time we were up there my mouth was just killing me. Come to find out after being up there for 4 days I realized something was wrong and of course, after being so careful, I developed 2 dry sockets. It was horrible....

This is mom, dad and Dust. We just got done playing my very favorite game that we got for Christmas "Ticket to Ride" if you have not played it you need to go and buy it because it is THE greatest game ever.

Okay, in Montana there is really not much to do.. While we were there we played lots and lots of games, as you can see we are playing "Rummikub." We also watched lots and lots of movies which is also very great. Last, but not least we ate lots of food, except for it was sort of hard with my teeth, so I blended up everything I ate. Just kidding, how gross would that be?
This is Donny and Emily, just a really good early morning Christmas Day picture.