Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where has the time gone???

So I have not really wanted to do anything with my blog since my brother passed. I just have not really had the drive to do it. But with family and friends all over the U.S. I think its about time to catch you up the last few months of our little family and our crazy baby (not so baby anymore) Maycie!

This is Mayc first bubble bath and she went crazy in it and absolutely LOVED it.
Such a cute little poser;)
Mayc checking herself out in the mirror with her sensational glasses!
She got into her box of old clothes and found ALL of her tutus and decided that she wanted to wear ALL of them, so cute, already playing dress-ups.
She was also having a moment and wanted to play with her baby toy??
For my sister in laws birthday we went to Brick Oven, and when Mayc gets around her cousins she acts a lot older than she is, it is hilarious.
My parents decided to take all the grandkids to dinner and bowling and they had a blast. Maycie tried SOOO hard to pick up the bowling ball because she wanted to do what everyone else was doing, she was so sad she couldn't do it by herself.
Mayc found this skirt in our sewing pile and really wanted to wear it, after she put it on she told me she wanted to have fun and watch mouse (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) she is obsessed.
The two loves of my life!
Mayc just woke up from her nap and wanted to snuggle with her cousin Hazel and her bear.
My Dad bought this Rhino to take to St. George so that the grandkids could ride just like the adults. I thought for sure Mayc would be scared of it and not want to ride but she LOVED it. She had so much fun that the other day we were getting into the car and she pointed to the Rhino and said," Rhino?" and I said "Ya Mayc thats the Rhino." she said "Is it fun?" and I said "So much fun" she came back with "Yeah!!!! Mom it is so much fun, so fun, so fun!"
She is definitely The cutest little girl in the world.
Helping Dad and the cousins shovel the sports court.

Me and the cousins. Maycie can't get enough of them!