Sunday, August 19, 2007

Its a great day to be alive

Yeah We Got a New Car!!!
Yea so we got a new car, and I do not know how to turn this underline off!, anyway we found it online Friday and went and picked it up that night.

Ta-DaJust some other pictures of the car. I am so excited because its a bigger car and it has 4 wheel drive which is really good because of the snow and driving up these huge mountains, it gets really stinkin scary.

Just Conner, my dog, in the car chillin like a villan.
Word Hommies. Well thats it and I cant wait to drive it on my first day of teaching Tuesday August 21st. Yeah 4th grade and Im so excited. Ill for sure let you know how it goes.
Love Everyone!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Miralcles DO HAPPEN

Well folks I have some bad news. The Friday August 10th I was driving from my house to go to my elementary to finish setting up my classroom and thats when it happened. I swear I saw my life pass before my eyes and thought I was a goner. I was waiting at the light for it to turn green on the busiest street in Provo, University AVENUE. It turned green and so I started headed forward when I heard a very loud honking noise and thats when it happened no later than a second I was T-Boned by a large SUV going 60+.

I was hit so hard that I was just tossed around in my car, luckily I was wearing my seat belt because I am pretty sure that was the thing that saved my life. After I was hit my car went spinning and the back drivers side hit into a diesel.
As I hit the diesel I hit my head and shattered my drivers side window.

Thats when I just waited for the next thing to hit, I swear it was never going to end well my brakes wouldn't work and my car wouldn't go into park so before hitting the light pole I pulled my E-Brake and it was over. I probably have never been so scared in my entire life. I just went into shock and then my dad was there just a minuter later. Thank goodness.. I was then taken in an ambulance to the ER where they did cat scans, and x rays but thankfully everything came out positive and I only had bruising and I was just really sore. PROMISE I had angles looking out for me because the police man said that was a fatal accident and he could not believe I did not have one broken bone.
At the hospital my entire family was there to see me and I am so thankful for them, they are just amazing. When I got home from the hospital my phone and Aarons phone did not stop ringing with people calling to check and see if I was alright. I have never felt so loved by everyone in my life. People bringing me flowers and gift baskets, Jamba Juices... It was crazy.
Thank you so much everyone you are all great. I am embarrassed to post these next few pictures they are hideous.. Thank mom for the flowers they are so pretty.

This morning.. well afternoon I woke up with this big flower bouquet and a balloon from my brother Ryan and his wife Mandi and just wanted to tell them thanks also and I love you guys.
Well its all over thank goodness no one was with me.. So no worries, I am just lying in bed recovering and its all gravy baby.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


4 favorite movies
*The Family Stone
*Steel Magnolias

4 favorite TV shows
*So you think you can dance
*Americas Next Top Model

4 places I would like to travel to
*ALL over Europe
*Anywhere Tropical

4 places I have traveled this summer
*Lake Powell

4 favorite foods
*Anything Mexican
*Tai Food

4 jobs I have had
*Waitress Red Robin and Rosas
*Tie One On( hated it)
*Albertsons (baggin girl)
Hated that one too, my mom got me the job
so embarrassing when the hot guys would come in!!!

4 favorite books
*New Moon
*Harry Potter
*The Munsters

Friday, August 3, 2007


GOOD MORNING sunshine. I surprised Aaron by having a very early breakfast at Magelbys Fresh, he was not to excited at all. He just kept asking why do I have to wake up so early? After we got there he then realized why he had to wake up and he was super excited to see everyone there. It was so nice cause his mom and brother were in town and they got to come and then his two sisters Amber and Em and her husband Donny. My family was also lucky enough to come mom dad whit and cute little Jackson.It doesnt look like Whit is very happy but promise she is... This is A's birthday barbeque. Mom and Whit serving up the desert.
Just me and A with his yummy chocolate cake.

This is Donny, Jackson and Dust during the pool/barbecue . Its so funny to watch Donny he acts exactly like the little boys..its hilarious.Aaron and his surprise birthday presents..
*Well thats it for his birthday, I know what your thinking not as great as my birthday surprise in California but it was still really really fun. Happy Birthday Sweetie*

More Canada

This is me on my horse SKY, the best horse on the whole Ranch. She loves to be leader of the pack, sometimes like me, but she was so fun and obeyed me very well. Oh and she gallops very fast, Oh PS Sky is actaully a boy! Oops
This is my Bingham Family before family pictures. Em, Donny, Amber , Katie Bug, Aaron, Me Dust and Mother Bingham!

Sorry I did not have alot of time when I did the first Canada trip and we have sooo many pictures but I can not figure out how to put them all on so hopefully this time it works. This is up at the lodge during a serious game of croquet.. Dustin(Aaron's little brother), Aaron and me.

Me, Brinkley(our cousin Bridgets daughter) she is the cutest little girl we absolutely love her and Emily. This is in Waterton, Canada, it is so beautiful we loved it there.

Me and Nick (cousin) right before our horse ride.