Friday, August 3, 2007

More Canada

This is me on my horse SKY, the best horse on the whole Ranch. She loves to be leader of the pack, sometimes like me, but she was so fun and obeyed me very well. Oh and she gallops very fast, Oh PS Sky is actaully a boy! Oops
This is my Bingham Family before family pictures. Em, Donny, Amber , Katie Bug, Aaron, Me Dust and Mother Bingham!

Sorry I did not have alot of time when I did the first Canada trip and we have sooo many pictures but I can not figure out how to put them all on so hopefully this time it works. This is up at the lodge during a serious game of croquet.. Dustin(Aaron's little brother), Aaron and me.

Me, Brinkley(our cousin Bridgets daughter) she is the cutest little girl we absolutely love her and Emily. This is in Waterton, Canada, it is so beautiful we loved it there.

Me and Nick (cousin) right before our horse ride.


Mom said...

Awesome pictures Kenz, great job on blogging wer'e loving it. Your family reuion sounded like it was the best it looked like you all had a grand time.

Anonymous said...

Brinkley want to get naked and have your p-ssy sucked?