Friday, August 3, 2007


GOOD MORNING sunshine. I surprised Aaron by having a very early breakfast at Magelbys Fresh, he was not to excited at all. He just kept asking why do I have to wake up so early? After we got there he then realized why he had to wake up and he was super excited to see everyone there. It was so nice cause his mom and brother were in town and they got to come and then his two sisters Amber and Em and her husband Donny. My family was also lucky enough to come mom dad whit and cute little Jackson.It doesnt look like Whit is very happy but promise she is... This is A's birthday barbeque. Mom and Whit serving up the desert.
Just me and A with his yummy chocolate cake.

This is Donny, Jackson and Dust during the pool/barbecue . Its so funny to watch Donny he acts exactly like the little boys..its hilarious.Aaron and his surprise birthday presents..
*Well thats it for his birthday, I know what your thinking not as great as my birthday surprise in California but it was still really really fun. Happy Birthday Sweetie*


Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Looks like a good day.

Kens, we do love you and you have been linked from our blog all along. The links are in alphabetical order. You know how to do that right? Your name is Mckensie so that comes in the alphabet right after L and before N.:) I was tagged by Holly so I tagged you, like tag your it. Your turn to answer the questions and then tag someone else.

Holly, Trevor, Max, and Annika said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! We love all of the styli' clothes.

Mom said...

It's so nice having you and Aaron here so we can be apart of all the celebration's, especially Aaron's birthday the big 25 wow doesn't he look like he's 19 anyway we love you Aaron and sure enjoy having you and McKensie around. Great party Kenz.

Dave, Jana & Alison Seitz said...

I wish that we could have been there to celebrate with you. Happy B-day Aaron!!!! Your site looks great! Love you both so much:-)