Saturday, August 11, 2007

Miralcles DO HAPPEN

Well folks I have some bad news. The Friday August 10th I was driving from my house to go to my elementary to finish setting up my classroom and thats when it happened. I swear I saw my life pass before my eyes and thought I was a goner. I was waiting at the light for it to turn green on the busiest street in Provo, University AVENUE. It turned green and so I started headed forward when I heard a very loud honking noise and thats when it happened no later than a second I was T-Boned by a large SUV going 60+.

I was hit so hard that I was just tossed around in my car, luckily I was wearing my seat belt because I am pretty sure that was the thing that saved my life. After I was hit my car went spinning and the back drivers side hit into a diesel.
As I hit the diesel I hit my head and shattered my drivers side window.

Thats when I just waited for the next thing to hit, I swear it was never going to end well my brakes wouldn't work and my car wouldn't go into park so before hitting the light pole I pulled my E-Brake and it was over. I probably have never been so scared in my entire life. I just went into shock and then my dad was there just a minuter later. Thank goodness.. I was then taken in an ambulance to the ER where they did cat scans, and x rays but thankfully everything came out positive and I only had bruising and I was just really sore. PROMISE I had angles looking out for me because the police man said that was a fatal accident and he could not believe I did not have one broken bone.
At the hospital my entire family was there to see me and I am so thankful for them, they are just amazing. When I got home from the hospital my phone and Aarons phone did not stop ringing with people calling to check and see if I was alright. I have never felt so loved by everyone in my life. People bringing me flowers and gift baskets, Jamba Juices... It was crazy.
Thank you so much everyone you are all great. I am embarrassed to post these next few pictures they are hideous.. Thank mom for the flowers they are so pretty.

This morning.. well afternoon I woke up with this big flower bouquet and a balloon from my brother Ryan and his wife Mandi and just wanted to tell them thanks also and I love you guys.
Well its all over thank goodness no one was with me.. So no worries, I am just lying in bed recovering and its all gravy baby.


Mom & Dad said...

Our Dear Daughter Mckensie, We know without a shadow of a doubt that you were being watched over. We're so grateful that your alright and that your all in one piece. We love you so much and are so glad that your here where we can continually love you. Love Mom & Dad

Jackson said...

Hey Kenz I'm so glad that your a-okay. I love you so much and I'm glad that you live in our home where I can see you all the time. Love, your Little Bro Jackson

Lindsey Lee said...

How glad you are OK! Car accidents are so scary but sounds like you were definately watched over!

Holly, Trevor, Max, and Annika said...

Wow. . . What a blessing that you are okay. Good luck with any further recovery, we are keeping you in our prayers.

Sorry we aren't as thoughtful as M and Ry. We've always been slackers in the gift department. We love you even though we aren't as good at showing it!

Last comment. Maybe you were so blessed because you need to be able to bring a cute mini-Bingham into the world! I'm totally kidding, you know there is no pressure from us in that department. Enjoy sleeping in and leaving home on a whim while you can.

Luana said...

Hi McKensie,
It is Luana Byington. What a shock it was to see the pictures and story of your accident. It really is a miracle you walked away from that one without serious injury. Experiences like that must make you have a greater appreciation for life and loved ones. I am glad you are okay. Good luck on your first year of teaching. I think you will be such a fun teacher. I am really enjoying reading your blog and Ryan and Trevor's. It is so fun to keep up on all of your family.

Dave, Jana & Alison Seitz said...

Hey Kensie, I'm so glad you are okay, I freaked out when Grandma A. told me you were in an accident!! Your poor little new car! I am so thankful that you are doing as well as you are, take care of yourself, and know that we are thinking about you and love you tons! Jana & Dave

Valerie and Calli said...

My heart dropped when I saw the pictures of your accident. We are so grateful that everything turned
out as well as it did and that you were watched over.Take care of yourself. We love you,
Valerie & family