Sunday, August 5, 2007


4 favorite movies
*The Family Stone
*Steel Magnolias

4 favorite TV shows
*So you think you can dance
*Americas Next Top Model

4 places I would like to travel to
*ALL over Europe
*Anywhere Tropical

4 places I have traveled this summer
*Lake Powell

4 favorite foods
*Anything Mexican
*Tai Food

4 jobs I have had
*Waitress Red Robin and Rosas
*Tie One On( hated it)
*Albertsons (baggin girl)
Hated that one too, my mom got me the job
so embarrassing when the hot guys would come in!!!

4 favorite books
*New Moon
*Harry Potter
*The Munsters


Lindsey Lee said...

Hello Kensie and Aaron, its LIndsey (henson) Mackay. random i know...i was blog searching and Bam, found you guys! Look at the fun trips you have been on...jealous! I guess traveling with a 2 year old is just much more complicated. darn. Looks like a fun summer!! Check out our blog too!

Valerie and Calli said...

Hey guys! What's up? Kensie, I wanted to let you know that the other day I went to my room to play myself the princess song on the guitar and to my horror that faulty string finally gave out and snapped in half! How sad is that?! I'm so bored now that my main source of entertainment is out of order!

Valerie and Calli said...

Hey Kensie, I had my first day back to school today and only had twelve students!Did you start yet?
Today when I was talking to my kids about about specials(art,PE,music) one of the little boys said "That's when you go to the restaurant with your parents and order the"daily special" Kids are so funny :)

Mom said...

Sorry about the bagging job at Albertson's, you know us mom's are always trying to help. You did do a great job handling the cart's if I might add. But most of all I'm so excited for you to start the best job of all and that's teaching. You'll be amazing.
love mom