Monday, July 23, 2007

CANADA* Family Reunion

Well this was the first Anderson, my mother in laws side, Reunion I have ever been to. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa A. and their 50th Wedding Anniversary we were able to party for an entire week in Canada. It was so much fun we played games, had a talent show, had karaoke night, went to Waterton, and my very favorite...we went horse back riding and I was basically a cowboy, well cowgirl because I was so good. You should have seen me I was actually galloping. All of the folks(brothers and sisters) rented out a lodge and their was probably around 50 of us there, it was insanely fun. I never thought that Canada could be so pretty, it was amazing. One of the days we were up there the boys went golfing and while my little brother in law was at play he hit his ball and an actual black bear came out onto the course and picked it up, chomped on it for a little while, and then spit it 30 yards, can you believe it!! Anyway thats just a funny little story I wanted to share. But we had a blast and I cant wait to do it again, hopefully soon.


Mom said...

I'ts so great when families get together and renew friendships, but what an amazing place to have a reunion. Great excuse for another vacation, you two certainly get around. Good Job!!!!

Valerie said...

Hi guys,
It was great to see you again this summer. Your blog looks great I hope you don't mind I put your link on mine & Calli's. Kensie,
best wishes with your schoolyear!

Bridget said...

Hey girl! Your blog is way cute! That is a really good pic of you and Aaron in front of the waterful. By the way, Brinkley has been asking about you ever since we left! She shrugs her arms and goes "Where IS Kensie"? Take care! love - Bridget

Bridget said...

Oops, I left a small typo in my last post, but I do know how to spell, really!