Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was so good... I just absolutely LOVE easter it is one of the greatest holidays. Saturday me and Aaron worked in the yard for 5 hours with the fam, which was really the highlight of our day...just kidding. Around 2:00Ryan came over with his cute family

Mckay, Ellie, Me and Clara just waiting for the boys to get home from there motorcycle ride so that the Easter eggg hunt could begin

Yeah!!! They finally got home and we were able to start.

During the Egg hunt Grandpa and Grandma Hill came over to have a little fun. Mom, Dad, and G and g hill hide 100 rolo candies all over the yard and the competition was between me and Aaron and Ryan and Mandy. So we were searching High and Low because for each rolo we found we could cash it in for a Gold Coin. We had such a good time we came out pretty even though Mandy found like 10 before I even found 1. We had so much fun..

McKay and Ellie with the Eater baskets. They
were so excited I could hardly get them to hold still
just to take a picture.

Clara kissing her new easter bear that Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Sherrie gave her.

It was so cute, anytime Grandpa would kiss her
she wanted to kiss the bear. I just love her, its
sort of making me baby hungry.

Grandma Sherrie helping Ellie find one of her last Eggs.

So all in all we had a really great holiday. We were so glad that Ryan and Mandy could be back at home sweet home to share it with us. We really missed Trevor and his family though.
Thanks mom and dad for such a great day!


Travis & Liz said...

Hey girl! I love your hair dark!It looks so good! Don't you think nieces and nephews are better than having your own kids? I do. Well, you are the hottest fourth grade teacher I have ever seen!

Jared and Heather Benson said...

You guys are such hard workers! Very impressive. We love Easter! Good thing you had those gold coins to buy you dinner! We're so glad that we could get together. Sorry, but I do have the weird letters on mine, mainly because I'm too lazy to take it off:)

Courtney said...

oh yeah happy easter sound like you guys had a ball... love your brown hair it looks great!

Mom said...

Thank you McKensie and Aaron for all the hours you worked in the yard to help us get some spring yard work done. You two are simple amazing, I don't know what we will do without you when you move. As for Easter we had such a great time, I just love having Ryan, Mandy and our precious grandkids living here in Utah. I too missed Trevor, Holly and my other precious grandkids. HAPPY EASTER!! We just love our family.

Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

Do you hire out?

Valerie said...

Your nieces and nephew are adorable! I think Easter is my new favorite holiday.

Jana said...

I can't wait for Alison to be able to look for easter eggs, something to look forward to next year:) Your nieces and nephews are so cute, I love the pic of Clara kissing her bear, how old is she? Love you guys!

Holly said...

We have a lot of work to do on our yard, but we'll just save it in case you two come to visit. Happy (late) Easter!

Peter, Lisa and Tavia said...

Easter is so awesome. Sounds like you guys had alot of fun. I love Easter Egg Hunts.

Calliandra said...

Baby hungry eh? I must admit baby bingham has a nice ring to it! :]

Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

What a great day. Thanks for sharing it with us. We will have to have you come help us when we need it. I understand that you don't complain about yard work much!