Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Remodeling Time
Of course like any other time of year my parent decided to start a new project!
Not a big surprise..
So for this project they decided that they wanted to remodel their bedroom and start brand new!
TO do this we needed to break down a few walls one of which was my fathers office, so before we started throwing the hammers my little brother ran and got some permanent markers and started drawing. It looked so fun that we all decided to draw a little piece of art..... This is what turned out.

Jax and his great drawings. Sweet Volcom sign dude!

"Whizzilicious definition makes the boys go loco"
She is so funny and really into the peace sign.
She actually wants a tatoo of the sign. ? Crazy girl

Dad, Jax, Mom, Me and Whit against the great wall of Art.

The school teacher and her class under a great Big tree and Sun with a beautiful flower to the side. I love flowers.. maybe that will be my tatoo.....(lol)

Yikes... I could not get the picture to rotate, I tried for like an hour and I just couldn't figure it out, sorry hun! Juts turn your head and look at it from the other way.
Aaron and his wonderful drawing of himself on a dirtbike going up the mountain, he is actually a really good artist, I'm sorry you can't see it better!

After art time it was all work and getting totally filthy.
As soon as the remodeling is finished I'll post on all the hard work we did and show you how great it turned out.


Dad said...

Remodeling is always fun!
Love, Dad

mom said...

That was such a fun morning watching you all doodle over the walls. But what was even more fun was watching everyone have a turn at the sledge hammer and breaking it all down. Major hard workers!!! Thanks for all your awesome work, I can't wait until it's done.

Luana said...

Permission to draw on walls? That is a rare thing indeed. How fun. It looks like you had a blast. I love seeing the pictures of your family McKenzie. Whitney's hair is getting quite long. I remember seeing a picture of her on your blog that looked like she was wearing scrubs. Is she a nurse? Jackson does not look anything like the little boy who used to get into my fridge for candy. Time goes by way too fast sometimes. You look adorable as usual.

Luana said...

Okay, I was just looking at some of your old posts, and realized I spelled yours and Whitnie's names wrong. Sorry about that.

CHUNTZ said...

Hey cute lady are you and Aaron living at Pucks place yet?

Nat said...

almost mt gosh kinzie, I saw your blog and you probably don't remeber me, its Natalie speirs/jones. I went to Lakeridge Jr High with you. You look like you are doing so good. Write me back

Courtney said...

how fun is that a big family art project! i love it!

Nat said...

hey girl, I was so glad to see you wrote me back. Yes I have to live in dang old Califrnia. I married a guy from there named Casey Jones. Married three yrs in July. Have a 18 month old boy anmed Teegin. Keep in touch.

Ryan, Mandy & Family said...

At least one stage of the remodel was fun.

Jared and Heather Benson said...

Yay for remodeling. You are such an incredible artist! I'm so impressed.