Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweater Party

Our good friends Puck and Jess always throw the funnest Christmas Sweater Party.
We all get together, find the ugliest sweaters possible, eat,play games, exchange gifts, the boys have a very BIG PING-PONG Tournament, and last..we vote the best sweaters there and they get a little prize.

Me and Aaron lookin so good...Sort of went for the 80's look

So there was a tie between Mark and Jared for
best sweater so of course we had to have a
dance off...
Jared shakin his thang

Mark shakin his.

It was so funny to watch but Jared ended up takin the cake!!!

The girls and their beautiful sweaters

Me, Aaron, Heather and Jared lookin so fine


Kellie said...

ha ha I love it! You look so HOT!!!

Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

Looks like so much fun! Great sweaters, I liked the retro look! Miss you and I hope I get to see you this weekend!

Dad said...

Aaron's totally 70's movie mania, and Kenz your always lookin pretty no matter how ugly the sweater may be. Love Dad

Mom said...

What an awesome party idea. You have such fun friends. Love the new look Aaron, it's really you. And McKensie, you always look amazing.
Love Mom

Ryan said...

You too look so ugly! Great sweaters. We will have to have a party or somthing. Hey I need Aarons email to send riding pictures to him.

the jenkins said...

you guys are going DOWN! if you want to step it up a notch, you better show up at our sweater party. be there or be square!

Sarah Larsen said...

You are sooo cute! How are you? And how is this school year going? You missed a fun Turbo party on it still too hard on your back? (was it that or knees??)

Lyman said...

Aaron & Kensie,
I promise you that sweater and that entire look can be found in our closet! Did Aaron secretly borrow that sweater from Glenn?
Hope everything is good. Enjoy your
winter break, were hoping to come skiing around New Years to celebrate Glenn turning the big 40!
Merry Christmas!
Our love to all..........

Valerie said...

It's really from me