Monday, November 3, 2008

My Little Sister Is Getting Married!!!

My sister in law Mandy and I threw a bridal shower for my baby sister.It turned out so good thanks to Mandy and her amazing designer skills.

This is her very cute invitation

These are her adorable decorations that we made. Thank you Martha Stewart..

Me, Whit ( the bride to be), and Mandy.

This was our table set-up, nice huh?

Just kidding, this picture is our inspiration. I forgot to take a picture of it and I was so mad so I thought that I would post this to show you what it sort of looked like.

Me, Grandma Hill and Whit.


Built Ford Tough said...

Happy wedding Mckensie's sister Whitney!!!! Congrats. When's the big day?

Travis & Liz said...

I love the invitations and decorations! That's so wierd, isn't she too young? Ok so maybe we are like almost 25, so she's probably our age when we got married!

Holly said...

You did a great job on the invite and the decor. I will for sure be calling you to help with our next Enrichment!

Holly said...

So cute! The details look fabulous. Whitnie is lucky to have such wonderful "sisters" looking out for her!

mom said...

McLensie and Mandy made Whitnie's first bridal shower such a success. From the invitation's, to the decor, and most of all to the fabulous dessert's. Thank you for all your hard work and effort's. I love you both so much. Love Mom

Mandy said...

Ours didn't quite look like the picture, but we tried. I think it turned out pretty good though.

Jana said...

Hey Kens, so glad that I can read up on what's going on in your life, tell your sis congrats for me, that's so great! You both did a wonderful job on the decorations. You and Aaron give each other a HUGE hug for me, miss you both! Jana