Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yeah for Holidays

I love being a teacher, it is so great, especially when it comes to holidays, we get all holidays off and it is great.

During our Fall Break my family was going to California because it is one of our favorite places. Aaron had to go on a buisness trip so I decided to tag along with my family.

We went to Knotts Berry Farm and it was so fun because it was close to Halloween that the park was just decked out in fun stuff, we ran into these guys walking around and they were so attractive that we had to take a picture with them.

Me and Mandy going on the coolest ride ever...."The Accelerator"

That night the park closed at 5:30 and reopened at 7:00 for what they call "THE HAUNT" and it was so scary. I have never been so scared in my life. The park was super dark and they hire a ton of people just to go around the park and scare people to death. Well right when we walked in this guy scared me so bad and muct have loved it that he follwed me around the entire night. I did not like that very much.
The also have a ton of haunted house which are crazy and scary and I guess the people are allowed to touch you because they would not leave me alone....
We also went to Disneyland which was also so much fun because the park was also decorated so awesome, I loved it. It was not even spooky just fun.
I sure LOVE Disneyland

This is right behind Pirates of the Caribean and it
is tradition to take a picture there every time we go.

I love this picutre Ellie and McKay were not to sure
of Buzz light year so Ry had to get in there with them.
It was so fun having them there. I can't wait till we have
kids to take them there.

And of course the best picture of all, right smack dab in the front. I love how they do the flowers of Mickey it is so cool..

We really missed Aaron though, this is the second trip he has had to miss because he has a REAL job now. Yeah for Aaron


Holly said...


I told you I am a blog fanatic! Your blog is cute and I have already learned so much more about you. It was fun to get to know you and Aaron last night. I am glad that you are in our ward. You will love it here! If you don't remember my blog address check it out.

Mom said...

That was such a fun quick trip as a last little time with Whitnie before she get's married. But notice who else came along, our new son in law to be Nick. It was great having him with us and especially the grandkids McKay and Ellie and having our daughter in law Mandy because for some reason we have missed having her on a few of the trips. Thanks for the awesome post Kenz, we were so glad you came with us and sure missed Aaron. Love Mom

Built Ford Tough said...

Hey thanks for inviting us.... I want to go to disney land! Do you and Aaron still love each other? Cause you keep going on vacation without him :)

Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

Looks like you had a blast! I bet you do love school vacations! I have your next vacation planned, and you can bring Aaron, the best place on earth.... La Sal!!! J/K but I really miss you girl! Next time I see you Addison will be grown up. Today she said "Dad, come back here!" when he went to go somewhere, and tonight she sang me a broken version of twinkle twinkle little star. So cute, that makes you want to come huh?! I love seeing pictures of your family, it brings back memories of hanging out at the Hill house when I was young. Me, you, and Chels, playing truth or dare, recording songs about seceret crushes! Great memories! Ryan's kids are getting so big, it kind of makes me feel old, is that wierd? Love you girl.

CHUNTZ said...

Happiest place on earth...looks like you had a blasty blast!

Natty said...

oh that looks like so much fun. I always love the haunted houses and creepy things like that. You look so cute in the pics

Luana said...

That is so exciting that Whitnie is getting married. Tell her I said congrats, and that her hubby to be is a cutie. As always, your mom and dad look fantastic. Your family does so many fun things together and I love reading about all the places you go.