Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nothin but the BEST place on Earth

For the week my family went to Lake Powell and we had so much fun.
We did miss the spouses though...

The first day, the men getting to work so that we could park the house boat
Ry, Trev, Dad and Cousin Chris

It was such an adventure, we did everything from

Posing for Pictures (America's Next top Model here I come)...ha ha ha

To getting up super early to be the first ones on the lake.

Mom even gave surfing a try...

Me Wakeboarding, the greatest thing ever.

Dad Air chairing, the funniest thing ever.
I think this might have been the funnest thing there

Ryan, Waterskiing

Jax's the stud showing us all how surfing is really done.

Camp Fires, so so much fun!!!

Trev Wake Boarding

Ry and Whit surfing, freaking awesoe

Just another picture on the beautiful lake

Me, Whit, Ryan and Trevor Wave Running

Dad and Jax


Kellie said...

Powell is seriously the best place on earth!!! That looks like it was such a blast! Do you guys go every year? We went for the 1st time this summer. You all look like you are professionals in those pictures:)

Mandy said...

I think Aaron, Holly and I are going to plan a trip for just the in-laws, and it will be WAY better than yours.

Dad said...

Yah, and your in-law trip will probably be at Club Med. j/k
No seriously, what a trip you guys certainly missed out on one awesome time. Wished you could have been there. You were definitely missed. Love Dad

Aaron & Kensie said...

Kellie I can not sign onto your blog and I want to look at it!! Aaron and I go every year and it is so fun.

Holly said...

What's wrong with Club Med?

Jeff looks so young and carefree in his surfing picture - Way to go Gramps! (Club Med might offer a Senior Citizen's discount... Maybe we'll invite you to take advantage of that perk.)

Just giving you a hard time for leaving all the in-laws behind :)

Lindsay said...

YOu got lots of great pictures! Looks like fun! Perfect time to make a trip to powell. Glad you had fun!

Mom said...

Great time with everyone, wished Aaron, Mandy and Holly would have been there. We missed you three but plan to do it again and make sure your all there.

Natty said...

oh I definitly agree that lake powell is the greatest place on earth. I miss going there so much. You look like your an awesome wakeboarder

Brandon, Christie, Addison, and Gunner said...

Girl, looks like a blast in Powell, you are lookin' like a hottie posing in those pictures! I saw your comment and posted some pictures of Addison just for you so check them out, love you girl!

Whitney said...

Kinz I love all your cute funky head bands! You are going to have to tell me where you get them.