Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Mommy, its so fun!"

Hogle Zoo
Maycie LOVED the zoo, she had "So fun, So So fun" I was a bit worried about her nap since she would miss it but she did great, I think having her cousins there helped:)

Choo Choo
Maycie and Annika
Mayc LOVED the camels, she kept saying,"Mom its a camel, mom its daddy." Who knows what she meant;)
US with the Tigers

Mayc also loves the elephants, she did not want to stop looking at them she kept saying,"WOW, elepant pptttt(aka elephant sound)"

We loved the Zoo and will definitely be venturing back again this summer!


Bre said...

So fun! I love mayc's outfit...Emily has the same one! (She's growing out of sad!)

The Baums said...

Maycie is such a little character. I'm trying to figure out how Aaron is like a Camel though. I'm sure there was some reason for it. We should go when we come. We have a free Zoo here and I'm excited to take Tate. When we get back from our summer abroad we will be living walking distance from it! We miss you guys too. Love you!