Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break in Cali

Disney Land

For Spring Break my parents decided that it would be so much fun to take the kids, grandkids and grandparents (dad's parents) to Disneyland. Added up that makes 18 people, minus one, my little Maycie!! Crazy huh
It ended up being a trip never to forget, we all had so much fun together.

So this is the crew, minus grandparents and Trevor's family.

Mom and Dad with all the brothers and Sisters
Mom and Dad with the grandkids
Oh my word, cutest little Clara.
Big Sister Ellie
she is only 6 and already a rock star!
"It's a Small World"
Sure is, seriously 1/2 of the State of Utah was there
Fun little Photo of everyone.

Hunnington Beach

It was so warm and sunny, we were so glad to have left the snow behind.
Whit and I
Ry and I

Knotts Berry Farm

To end the trip we had to last visit Knotts, so much fun but so crowded.
We were there ALL day and hit a total of 4 rides.

It's okay to be a little jealous of this picture!!
Probably the funnest ride at Knotts, " Ghost Rider"
And last but not least probably the funniest photo of the whole trip.
Lookin good Ry.

Thanks mom and dad for such s fun trip.


mom dad said...

We LOVE and Enjoy being with our Amazing Family!!! Thanks for coming and making more memories it was really one of the best times ever. Nice job on the pics Kenz. We love you. Mom & Dad

Bre Ahrens said...

my sister in law took the photos. Aren't they fabulous! Are you looking for a photographer?

Ryan said...

We have the coolest family ever!!! Number 1 - you have the best looking older brothers anyone could ask for, and a younger one to I guess:) Number 2 - I don't know who the guy is on the milk carton, but but he sure looks familiar. Was there a reward? Number 3 - I have the coolest little sister ever, she rocks at everything and makes sure everyone is having a great time. I love you sis! Number 4- We have parents who love us unconditionally and would do anything to make our lives easier. What a great trip and look forward to doing that again. Number 5 - Who dose not like road trips, they are awesome, you get to do anything you want and you don't have to worry about seeing those people again.
Thanks for the great post.