Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Happy Easter
We had so much fun today, Mayc got a new easter dress (thanks grandma and grandpa), she had her first Easter egg hunt, and we found 27 gold coins, actually I found 7 and Aaron found the other 20, good job babe :)

Cousin Ellie and Maycie.
Ellie, McKay, Clara and Maycie.
Dad, Mom and sweet little Maycie.


Luana said...

She is so cute, and that little Clara looks like Whitnee in this picture. Your mom and dad look great.

Audrey {+} John said...

Ahhh... She is super cute. You and Aaron look so cute in that first pic too! Happy (Late) Easter!

Natty said...

she is so freakn cute!!! Love her easter dress

mom dad said...

We had so much fun with Easter, and dressing the grandkids and taking a family picture. Watching the grandkids hunt for their Easter Eggs is such a delight, but watching the adult kids trying to find the most gold coins is absolutely entertaining. Thanks for all being here and having such a great time. The pictures are darling. Love mom & dad