Friday, May 1, 2009

Sunny St. George

I absolutely LOVE St. George. It is the best place to go, just when you want to get away for a few days and go somewhere warm.
Last weekend was my Spring Break at school so we took a short trip so the boys could go biking adn the girls could go swimming and shopping.
Just on our way to the pool. We ended up going to Mesquite bcause it was a bit warmer and my uncle was nice enough to let us borrow his spare house.
Me and mom catching some rays.
Jax and Aaron
Just me and Aaron having a great time. I love this place, hopefully one day we will be living here!! Hopefully


Valerie said...

Hi Guys!
Kensie you look so cute with your new belly ") I hope everything is going well. We miss and love you guys. Hope to see you soon!
PS Maycie very cute name!

mom said...

I sure enjoyed the company!!It was nice just to sit around relax, and visit with my sweet pregnant daughter. Love, mom

Megan said...

Hey Kensie! How are you? I am so excited for you! Being a mommy is the best thing EVER! Good to see you! Good luck with everything!

J&B Barrett said...

You Look SO DARLING!! Congrats on the pregnancy, I just found your blog.

Bonnie Barrett

Sarah said...

Thanks for leaving a message, its fun to hear from ya and see your cute pics, congrats on your baby to come, Boy or Girl? YOu will love it!!!

Jared and Heather Benson said...

Excuse me? You can't live in St George, we live here.