Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Supercross 09

Last week Aaron went to a motorcross event up at the Rice Eckles Stadium. It was freezing cold and raining but he still loved every minute of it.

Aaron, Dad, Whit, Nick, Jax and a few cousins.

Nick, Whit, and Aaron


mom said...

I'm so glad the boy's and Whitnie had the chance to go up and be apart of the big Motorcross. It sounded like they all had a great time. Love, MOM

Natty said...

My husband Casey actually flew out there to see that race too. I wasnt really wanting to go, but he said it was a blast
When is that dang sun gonna start shining there in Utah?

Holly said...

So I want to don't like motorcross or you didn't want to sit in the rain. I think it would have been fun to go to but I wouldn't have gone in the rain either.

Jackson Hill said...

OH mana oh man the supercross was off the hook dogg it was so dang fun and me ,chase and chad are so happy that JAMES STEWRT (aka BuBu)
-JT Hill