Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Montana for the Long weekend to watch Dustin play in his Great Falls soccer tournament. We left after school Thursday and drive through rain, then snow, then sleet, then a little more rain, and then of course a little more snow.
Geez... Snow in May, come on?
Then we came home Monday, with only rain and lots of it.

When we go to Montana there is not much to do when it is raining like crazy outside. Promise it might have stopped raining twice?
But we love playing games and a few of our favorites are Five Crowns (i know getto picture, don't worry about it) and...

Ticket to Ride, taught to us by our best buds, Puck and Jess.

We really had so much fun, we just love it up there, its so relaxing and I just love the Bingham clan (spell check).

This is Dust, crazy kid, gotta love him.

Dust, mom, dad and me playing our favorite Ticket to Ride. Seriously it is the funnest game you should all play it! We have it and you can just stop by and play a quick round.

Aaron and Dust eating Lunch

The MEN just grilling up a little grub. Aren't they all so good looking? DANG...

And another pic of Dust and his best friend Daisy Jane.


Jared and Heather Benson said...

First off, we taught Puck and Jess that came so come on. We missed you guys like crazy last weekend! Bummer about the rain.

mom said...

What a great Memorial weekend with the family. Sorry about the weather, but we were so glad you made it to and fro with safety. How nice to enjoy some down time.

Bridget said...

Hey Kens! I am glad you survived the school year! Your kids all look so sweet. Hope you guy's are doing good. We miss you!


Natty said...

Even though it was raining it looked like you were having a good time. I love games, I'lhave to try that ticket to ride one.
Is school out yet?

Jana said...

I am so jealous!!! I want to go to Montana...oh well, guess Hawaii will have to do ;-) Love ya!