Friday, May 9, 2008

14 more days

14 more days till school is out!!!
Today we had a Field Trip and I
realized how grateful I am for
the summertime.
Being in charge of 100 students
is a little overwhelming....


Diana said...

I totally hear you girl! The countdown is ON!

Courtney said...

how exciting its like being a kid again and you cant wait tell its over!

Mom said...

I think this will be the happiest spent summer you've ever had. Enjoy the last 14 days, they will be over before you know it. You've had such a great year!!!!

Travis & Liz said...

That's the best job ever! I wish I had the summer off! Are you gonna go cruise the 8? J/K

So you should totally go on a cruise! We just went on carnival, and everyone told us they were not very good, but honestly, it was awesome. We were only on the boat at night pretty much. We did the Easstern Caribbean. That's the prettiest. We left out of Puerto Rico so we had more time on Islands, and less days traveling at see!! Do it!!

Kellie & Dan said...

Yeah! You should go on a cruise this summer to celebrate! They are way cheap and really fun! The kids will miss you so much this summer!