Thursday, October 6, 2011

A new pair of wings

Maycie LOVES to dress up and so when I saw these wings I had to buy them!
Of course she loves them and has not wanted to take them off at all.
She has decided that for Halloween she wants to be a beautiful butterfly.
Having a 2 year old has to be THE greatest thing that has ever happened to me
(Besides Aaron of course!)
Cutest thing I have ever seen!
Love you Mayc


Audrey Crisp said...


The Baums said...

Oh I love her! She is so grown up. Tate got so excited (he was sitting on my lap while looking at your blog) he was squealing! I love how much he loves her. Miss you guys!

mom said...

Being a mother is the greatest calling we could ever ask for. Your such a special mom and Aaron is such an awesome dad Maycie is so blessed!!

Anonymous said...

a butterfly doesn't wear clothes Maycie get naked for me