Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Dad.
Both born on the same day, just a year apart.
Whit and I surprised them with a few decorations in their room.
Mom got some makeup for her gift so Ellie decided to get Grandpa looking as pretty as ever:)
And then it was Ellie and Clara's turn.

We love you two so much and are so grateful for such wonderful, loving, caring parents who have taught us SO much. I hope and pray that Aaron and I can be as great as parent as you two were with raising the five of us.

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mom said...

You make me cry with your sweet comments. Dad and I are so blessed with the greatest most amazing kids ever. We love and appreciate all that you do for us. It's all about being together thanks for always being there. We love you all so very much.