Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Aaron and Me!

Well I decided it was time for an update on our little family. Besides now being 19 weeks pregnant, Aaron and I recently celebrated our birthdays!!! So fun but it seems that as the years progress birthdays just seem overrated which is such a bummer but luckily we have this little girl to get us through them:)
Early morning at the ballon festival
My birthday at the parade.
Grandma, mom, dad and Clara

Aaron had his 10 year reunion so the next day we decided to do a BBQ pool party with the friends and celebrate his birthday.

Dinner with Em and Don
Thanks mom and dad!!!!!
Now just another year older we have a lot to celebrate in the next year to come!

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Dad & Mom Hill said...

Happy Birthday again to an awesome son-in-law who we love like a son. We need to still go out to dinner for your birthday!!!