Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maycie's First visit to the ER

Taking a child to the Er is the most horrible thing to have to do. Especially at 1:00 in the morning! Last night around 11:00 Mayc woke up coughing so as I checked her video monitor I saw that her body was convulsing, that is not a normal thing to see. As I went to check on her I found her covered in throw up, it was ALL over her bed, bumper, blankets and it was the saddest sight. We quickly got her out of bed and Aaron got her into the bath. That left me in charge of cleaning it ALLLLLL up. Well a pregnant mom who already has problems keeping anything down + cleaning up this mess= A pretty nasty sight. After I got everything cleaned Aaron and I took turns rocking Mayc as she continued to throw up every half hour, totally lethargic, with eyes sunken in. Finally I could not stand seeing her this way anymore, I called a nurse to see what she thought about us taking Mayc to the Emergency Room and she agreed, Mayc needed a doctor.
Luckily there was no wait we got right in. They monitored Mayc for a while, tried to give her medicine which came back up so after 3 more times of throwing up they hooked her up to a IV and got the fluids pumping. 3 hours and a lot of screaming and crying later we were able to take Maycie home and get her into bed.
This morning she is doing alot better. Not able to eat any solids only drinking clear liquids and sucking on lots of popsicles (Which she is totally ok with). Our little girl is almost back to herself. Thank goodness this was the first and hopefully the last experience in the ER, at least for a while anyway.


Audrey Crisp said...

So sad.. Poor little thing. Glad she is feeling a lot better now!

Dad and Mom Hill said...

Maycie is blessed with amazing parents who take such great care. We're so grateful she was okay and made it through without any major complication. We love her and you two so much.