Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ThE LEavEs ArE ChAngINg

It is amazing to look up into the mountains and see the leaves on the trees starting to change color. It makes me feel 2 emotions, first excitement for the new season and second sadness to wonder how is summer already over? This summer we had so much fun. We were able to do so many fun things like go see the Bingham's in Montana, visit the warm beaches in California, play with our friends in Washington, hang with the Hills in Park City and so much more. Maycie could not get enough of the outdoors. She was always wanting to go out and swing, jump on the tramp, go swimming or just go on walks. It was so fun to watch her start to explore on her own, looking at all of the fun colors around her. She has grown so quickly and is in the funnest stage right now. Her personality is hilarious, has to be front and center of everyones attention and if she is not she will yell at you until she is. Oh how we love our little bug.


Brent & Tiffany said...

You have the cutest little fam.

Lindsay said...

That little maycie is too cute! I miss u tons and u look fantastic I might add. I would love a playdate with our little ones but I live in las Vegas now so that might be kinda hard! But I still love ya xoxo