Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Fun in the Sun

Today was the 1st time Mayc was in the pool and now she can't get enough!
She is so cute anytime we go near the pool she starts talking and pointing to get in. It makes me so happy that she is comfortable in the pool but it also makes me nervous at the same time. Maybe we need to start swim lessons early?
Just relaxing and takin it easy.

Aunt Whit and little Mayc

As you can see Mayc is getting so big, it's crazy just how fast time goes. It feels like we were just getting ready for her to come and now she will be turning one in less than a week. (Ahh)
Maycie absolutely loves the camera, anytime we get it out she just starts smiling (takes after mom I guess..LOL)


Natty said...

she is so dang cute. I know can you believe our little babies are going to be 1?? What the heck?

The Barrett Family said...

I can't believe she is almost 1! She is a doll. You always dress her so cute.

Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

She is so big and dang cute. Time does fly by! We are excited to see you this weekend!