Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good ol' Montana

Last week we were able to go and visit Aaron's family in Montana. Maycie's 1st road trip and I'll tell you what.. not sure I want to do that again. Going there she was amazing, slept almost the entire time but coming back was a different story. It was exactly opposite, she cried almost the entire 7 hour car ride. Probably the sadest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. It broke my heart.

While in Montana we went shooting, it was my very first time shooting any type of gun. I was ablt to shoot a 20 gage shot gun and a 22 rifle. YIKES!!!
I almost chomped my teeth out the first shot.

Em and Don. Amber and Em.

Dad B. Lookin good...

My first run through. After I shot the first shot I was so surprised that I turned to tell everyone I almost chomped my two front teeth out and I guess I forgot I was holding a gun and pointed it at everyone. Oops... not a good idea!
This is Aaron shooting a Bear gun.
This gun is so loud that when it goes off
you can feel the wind from the shot.
Nope...didn't try this one.

While we were there we had some family photos taken.
Maycie decided to have a blow out in the way there in
her really cute outfit that all I had with me to change her
into was a onesie. Oh well she is still cute in whatever she

Our cute little family

Good job on the pictures Dad.


Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

Cute pictures, you should have just left Maycie naked, that is the cutest, but you are right she looks cute no matter what. Don't you love blowouts, especually when you are not at home! By the way you look amazing, no HOT, yep you are a hot momma. I won't tell Brandon you shot a gun, he wants me to learn and I do not like them, I'll shoot my eye out. Love you.

Bre Ahrens said...

how fun! um, ps, did you get the memo? You just had a baby. How the heck are you so skinny!?!?!?
PS...MM isn't the same w/o you...

Mandy Boyer said...

Your family pictures are darling and ya'll look so adorable with your sweet little family. I need to coordinate for our family to get a family picture...it's been a while. Can't wait to see ya'll next week!!! Take care!

Natty said...

oh you look so good after having that baby, you must be nursing good.
Yeah traveling with kids can be a little piece of hell. I just drove down to San Fran,6hrs. Not fun.

leslie said...

looks like fun! montana is such a beautiful place. your babe is so precious!

Audrey + John said...

cute kensie. you guys look great.

Kellie said...

Adorable pictures. You have such a cute little family! Your baby is so beautiful. Hope all is well!! Dan says hi too!