Friday, June 19, 2009

She's here!

Hello All,

If you didn't hear yet our little Maycie decided she didn't want to wait till the 5th of July to take center stage. After a false alarm Monday night Kensie woke up Tuesday morning (the 16th) convinced Maycie was on her way. Not wanting to Cry wolf two days in a row Kensie had Sherrie (Kensie's Mom) bring her down to the hospital that afternoon to be checked out. After being at the hospital an hour she had dilated from a 2 to 3 as well as was experiencing frequent strong contractions. After receiving an epidural she progressed quickly in the labor before too long she was at a 6 and on to a 10! The nurse called for the Doc and prepared for delivery not a moment too soon. By the time to Doc walked in Maycie was well on her way. For a brief moment I thought I was going to have to step up to the plate and deliver the baby old school! Literally the moment the Doc walked in the door and got Kensie into position Maycie just slid right out. Didn't even require a push.

To make a long story short Kensie and Maycie are both doing great!

Maycie Lyn Bingham

Born 6/16/09, 9:54 pm, 6.10oz 19in

Aaron, Kensie & Maycie


Travis & Liz said...

Everything sounds like it went so smooth! Congrats, can't wait to see pictures!

Audrey and John (Probably Audrey) said...

conrats! that is awesome! lets see some pics!!!

Emily said...

I am SO happy for your little family!! What a great relief to know that she's here safely! I hope you're feeling well, Kensie! Congratulations to everyone! What a great pre Father's Day present to have little Maycie here!! Can't wait to see some pictures!

MOM said...

Wow, was that ever exciting!!! It was so awesome standing outside the door and hearing Maycie's first little cry. It was even sweeter when they held her up for us to see. She is absolutely beautiful!!!! We love you all so much. Love, MOM

Holly said...

Aaron I know that you posted this and I am very upset that there is no picture. I want to come and see her tomorrow. I am glad to hear that it was an easy delivery and they are both doing well.

Cara Grenny said...

Congrats Kenz! Ais says she is the cutest ever, I want to come see!

Marianne said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

Natty said...

what not fair, i need this little to pop out of me, but I dont think hes close.
Congrats!! I am so glad you got an apideral and it sounds like an easy delivery.
We need pictures

Kellie said...

Congradulations!! That is so exciting. Glad all is well and can't wait to see the little gir's pictures!